Twenty-Second International Workshop on
Quantum Systems in Chemistry, Physics and Biology (QSCP-XXII)
October 16-24, 2017
Hunan Province, P.R. China

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This workshop, like the previous QSCP meetings, will bring together chemists and physicists interested in quantum systems in molecular, nano and material sciences. Quantum biochemists and biophysicists are also welcome. Emphasis will be on relativistic quantum theory, many-body methodology, innovative conceptualization, computational realization, and novel applications.

The Workshop will include sessions on:

  • Concepts and Methods in Quantum Chemistry (CMQC)
  • Relativistic Effects in Quantum Chemistry (REQC)
  • Molecular Structure, Dynamics, and Spectroscopy (MSDS)
  • Atoms and Molecules in Strong Fields (AMSF)
  • Particles and Plasmas in Physics and Chemistry (PPPC)
  • Reactive Collisions, Chemical Reactions, and Catalysis (RCCR)
  • Complexes and Clusters; Surfaces and Interfaces (CCSI)
  • Molecular and Nano Materials, Electronics and Biology (MNEB)
  • Computational Chemistry, Physics and Biology (CCPB)
  • NEW! Quantum Effects and Applications (QEA)

Important Deadlines

  • Deadline 1: 2017/04/30 Early bird registration - see below.
  • Deadline 2: 2017/08/01 Late registration - see below.

Mark up your calendars!

QSCP2017 will be hosted by the College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, the Key Laboratory of Low-Dimensional Quantum Structures and Quantum Control of the Ministry of Education and the Synergetic Innovation Center for Quantum Effects and Applications (SICQEA), Hunan Normal University.

QSCP-2017 will be located in Changsha, capital city of Hunan Province. We have arranged an optional tourist visit (both transport to and from the site, and hotel) to Zhangjiajie for all delegates who wish to go, starting on October 22nd 2017.


Hunan Normal University

Chair: Professor Samantha Jenkins, Director of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry(Hunan, China)
BEACON Research Group
College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Synergetic Innovation Center for Quantum Effects and Applications (SICQEA)
Hunan Normal University, 36 Lushan Lu, Yuelu Qu
CHANGSHA 410081, Hunan, P.R. CHINA. ;
Co-Chair: Professor Steven R. Kirk (Hunan, China)

Co-Chair: Professor Leman Kuang (匡乐满),(Hunan, China), Key Laboratory of Low-Dimensional Quantum Structures and Quantum Control of Ministry of Education, Synergetic Innovation Center for Quantum Effects and Applications (SICQEA), Hunan Normal University, Changsha 410081, China.

Co-Chair: Professor Gang Ouyang,(Hunan, China), College of Physics and Information Science, Key Laboratory of Low-Dimensional Quantum Structures and Quantum Control of Ministry of Education, Synergetic Innovation Center for Quantum Effects and Applications (SICQEA), Hunan Normal University, Changsha 410081, China.
Associated Chair: Professor Jean Maruani (Paris, France)

Abstract submissions and Proceedings

Abstracts for conference presentations, conference posters and the Proceedings (to be published, as usual) are cordially invited, and will be subject to peer review by academic scientists designated by the QSCP Scientific Committee.

Poster Prizes

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP)

Prizes for student posters at QSCP-XXII will be sponsored by Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP), a journal published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.


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PDF files of the Conference Program: Titles of talks and posters only, Full Program with both titles and abstracts.

List of Attendees

Keynote Speakers

  • Angela K. Wilson (Michigan, USA)
  • Weitao Yang (North Carolina, USA)
  • Rudolph A. Marcus (California, USA)
  • Paul W. Ayers (Hamilton, Canada)
  • Andreas Savin (Paris, France)
  • Paul L.A. Popelier (Manchester, UK)
  • Martin Quack (Zürich, Switzerland)
  • Alia Tadjer (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Oleg Vasyutinskii (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Debashis Mukherjee (Calcutta, India)
  • Nimrod Moiseyev (Haifa, Israel)
  • Chao-Ping Hsu (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • Akitomo Tachibana (Kyoto, Japan)
  • Kwang S. Kim (Ulsan, South Korea)
  • Wenjian Liu (Beijing, China)
  • Marco A.C. Nascimento (Rio de Janeiro,Brazil)

Invited Speakers

  • Michael Filatov, China
  • Eric Suraud, France
  • Peter Gill, Australia
  • Massimo Olivucci, Italy
  • Wesley Browne, Holland
  • Tanja van Mourik, UK
  • Herbert Fruchtl, UK
  • Michael Bearpark, UK
  • David Mendive-Tapia, France
  • Denis Jacquemin, France
  • Nadine Halberstadt, France
  • Utpal Sarkar, Belgium
  • Patrick Bultinck, Belgium
  • Toon Verstraelen, Belgium
  • Dimitri Van Neck, Belgium
  • Stijn De Baerdemacker, Belgium
  • Lluis Blancafort, Spain
  • Zygmunt Flisak, Poland
  • Cina Foroutan Nejad, Czech Republic
  • Junia Melin, USA
  • Mark Eberhart, USA
  • Artem Oganov, USA
  • Chris H. Greene, USA
  • Louis Massa, USA
  • Shubin Liu, USA
  • Cherif Matta, Canada
  • Paul Johnson, Canada
  • Artur Izmaylov, Canada
  • Varinia Bernales, Canada
  • Kazuhide Ichikawa, Japan
  • Yasuteru Shigeta, Japan
  • Sergei Manzhos, Singapore
  • Sol Milena Meje Chica, Colombia
  • Carlos Cardenas, Chile
  • Esteban Vohringer-Martinez, Mexico
  • Juan Ignacio Rodriguez Hernandez, India
  • Shridhar Gadre, India
  • Kati Finzel, Sweden
  • Hadieh Monajemi, Malaysia
  • James Anderson, Japan
  • Rebecca Weber, USA
  • Sarah Rauscher, Germany
  • Weihai Fang, China
  • De-Cai Fang, China
  • Jinlong Yang, China
  • Jun Li, China
  • Xin Xu, China
  • Yiqin Gao, China
  • Wei Wu, China
  • Zhipan Liu, China
  • Donghui Zhang, China
  • Peijun Hu, China
  • Wanzhen Liang, China
  • Chengbu Liu, China
  • Yuxiang Bu, China
  • Guohui Li, China
  • Jijun Zhao, China
  • Qingchuan Zheng, China
  • Hongxing Zhang, China
  • Jing Ma, China
  • Daiqian Xie, China
  • Xiangyuan Li, China
  • Zhongzhi Yang, China
  • Keli Han, China
  • Ming Lei, China
  • Weixue Li China
  • Hong Jiang, China
  • Yajun Liu, China
  • Ganglong Cui, China
  • Yi Zhao, China
  • Xiao Zheng, China
  • Yibo Lei, China
  • Minghui Yang, China
  • Rongzhen Liao, China
  • Fenglong Gu, China
  • Ruibo Wu, China
  • Jian Liu, China
  • Yuchen Ma, China
  • Jinglai Zhang, China
  • Yingkai Zhang, China
  • Zenghui Zhang, China
  • Xinzheng Yang, China
  • Ruiqin Zhang, China
  • Xuhui Huang, China
  • Guanhua Chen, China
  • Shengxian Lin, Taiwan
  • Zhenglong Chen, Taiwan
  • Jyh-Chiang Jiang, Taiwan
  • Biyao Jin, Taiwan
  • Bochang Wang, Taiwan
  • Yuanzhong Zheng, Taiwan
  • Zhelai Guo, Taiwan
  • Zhiwei Zhu, Taiwan
  • Kairen Gaoqiao, Taiwan
  • Chunwei Bao, Taiwan
  • Xiaoqing Yang, Taiwan
  • Jeng-Da Chai, Taiwan
  • Chaoyuan Zhu, Taiwan
  • Dayan Yang, Taiwan
  • Jinming Wei, Taiwan
  • Shiyi Xu, Taiwan
  • Rongxin Lin, Taiwan
  • Shiyi Lv, Taiwan
  • Yingjie Sun, Taiwan
  • Kaito Takahashi, Taiwan
  • Jer-Lai Kuo, Taiwan
  • Yuan-Chung Cheng, Taiwan
  • Birgitta Whaley, USA
  • Charles Weatherford, USA
  • Allen Wesley, USA
  • Neepa Tatyana Maitra, USA
  • Eric Bittner, USA
  • Daniel Crawford, USA
  • Garnet Chan, USA
  • David Mazziotti, USA
  • Oleg Prezhdo, USA
  • Adam Wasserman, USA
  • Jhih-Wei Chu, USA
  • Eva Zurek, USA
  • Anthony Whitehead, Canada
  • Paul W. Ayers, Canada
  • Yan Alexander Wang, Canada
  • Alexander Motovilov, Russia
  • Valentin Nesterenko, Russia
  • Elena Sheka, Russia
  • Boris Plakhutin, Russia
  • Andrei Tokmachev, Russia
  • Galina Kashenock, Russia
  • Alexander Glushkov, Ukraine
  • Andriy Loboda, Ukraine
  • Kiyoshi Nishikawa, Japan
  • Kimohiro Hirao, Japan
  • Masahiro Ehara, Japan
  • Jun-ya Hasegawa, Japan
  • Ilya Kaplan, Mexico
  • Alejandro Toro-Labbe, Chile
  • Markus Pernpointner, Germany
  • Nikolai Kryzhevoi, Germany
  • Philipp Demekhin, Germany
  • Shachar Klaiman, Germany
  • Marcin Hoffmann, Poland
  • Vitali Averbukh, UK
  • Stephen Wilson, UK
  • Hans Agren, Sweden
  • Per Siegbahn, Sweden
  • Erkki J.Brandas, Sweden
  • Marcus Lundberg, Sweden
  • Cleanthes Nicolaides, Greece
  • Ioannis Kerkines, Greece
  • Gerardo Delgado-Barrio, Spain
  • Luis Serrano-Andres, Spain
  • Luis Frutos, Spain
  • Alexander Kuleff, Bulgaria
  • Agnes Nagy, Hungary
  • Agnes Szabados, Hungary
  • Francoise Remacle, Belgium
  • Nicolas Chamel, Belgium
  • Dimitri Van Neck, Belgium
  • Ria Broer, Holland
  • Jan-Evert Baerends, Holland
  • Lucas Visscher, Holland
  • David Avnir, Israel
  • Ilya Averbuch, Israel
  • Uri Peskin, Israel
  • Edvardas Narevicius, Israel
  • Stephane Carniato, France
  • Nathalie Capron, France
  • Alain Dubois, France
  • Francis Sanchez, France
  • Eric Suraud, France
  • Jean Maruani, France
  • Richard Taieb, France
  • Majdi Hochlaf, France
  • Jeremie Caillat, France
  • Roy McWeeny, Italy
  • Robert Vianello, Croatia
  • Su Yi, China
  • Xiaoguang Wang, China
  • Libin Fu, China
  • Qiang Zhao, China
  • Xinhua Peng, China
  • Chaohong Li, China
  • Xiongjun Liu, China
  • Youwen Long, China
  • Xingqiu Chen, China

Previous QSCP Meetings

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International Scientific Committee

  • Jean Maruani (Paris, France), Chair
  • Erkki J. Brändas (Uppsala, Sweden)
  • Gerardo Delgado-Barrio (Madrid, Spain)
  • Chao-Ping Hsu (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • Samantha Jenkins (Hunan, China)
  • Steven R. Kirk (Hunan, China)
  • Souad Lahmar (Carthage, Tunisia)
  • Liliana Mammino (Venda, South Africa)
  • M.A.C. Nascimento (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • Boris Plakhutin (Novosibirsk, Russia)
  • Alia Tadjer (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Weitao Yang (Duke, USA)
  • Yan A. Wang (Vancouver, Canada)
  • Angela Wilson (Michigan, USA)
  • Stephen Wilson (Oxford, UK)

Honorary Committee

  • Roy McWeeny (Pisa, Italy)
  • Hiroshi Nakatsuji (Kyoto, Japan)
  • Oleg Vasyutinskii (St Petersburg, Russia)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Samantha Jenkins (Changsha)
  • Steven R. Kirk (Changsha)
  • Jianxin Song(Changsha)
  • Gang Ouyang(Changsha)
  • Xianhui Zhong(Changsha)
  • Tianlu Xu (Changsha)
  • Dongsheng Tang(Changsha)
  • Aqiong Liao [Aileena] (Changsha)
  • Chenhui Liu [Amy] (Changsha)
  • Chunying Rong (Changsha)
  • Ghuanghui Zhou (Changsha)

CMOA Prize

As during most QSCP workshops since Sofia (Bulgaria), and also at the ICTCP-IV Congress in Marly-le-Roi (France), there will be an AWARD CEREMONY for the CMOA Promising Scientist Prize at the Banquet Dinner of QSCP-XXII. If you wish to APPLY or NOMINATE a young scientist please consult our web site: and send your application or nomination ASAP to Professor Samantha Jenkins, Chair of QSCP-XXII (, with copies to Pr Jean Maruani, President of CMOA (, and Pr. Erkki Brändas, Chair of the Selection Committee (



Medical, accident and liability insurance is not included in the registration fees. QSCP participants should make sure that they are fully insured from their own home institution. Participants who would need an invitation letter for visa application or other purposes should contact the Organizing Committee.

Registration fees for QSCP-2017

All prices in the table below are shown in US dollars. Data current as of 2017/04/01.

Registration periodEarly (Before 2017/04/30)StandardLate (After 2017/08/01)
Keynote Speakers400450500
Committee Members415415415
Accompanying Persons125125125
Local Students/Postdocs165165165

The previous online registration page has been moved here.


PLEASE NOTE: We intend to arrange for delegates to be met at railway stations and the airport, and accompanied to these travel hubs when leaving Changsha. Please make sure that you have sent your arrival and departure details to Professor Jenkins.

  • Travel to China


    A Visitor visa is strongly recommended. Visa requirements can be checked on sites like the SKYTEAM Visa, Passport & Health Requirements page, which accesses the IATA TIMATIC database used by airlines and travel agents. If you require an invitation letter, please contact Professor Samantha Jenkins at the email address given at the top of this page.

    Additional contact details for visa application purposes are:

    Xu Tianlyu,
    College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,
    Hunan Normal University, 36 Lushan Lu, Yuelu Qu,
    410081 Changsha, Hunan, P.R. China.
    Phone: +86 180 7316 9990

    Yongxing Zou,
    College of Physics and Information Science,
    Key Laboratory of Low-Dimensional Quantum Structures and Quantum Control of Ministry of Education,
    Synergetic Innovation Center for Quantum Effects and Applications (SICQEA),
    Hunan Normal University, Changsha 410081, China.
    Phone: +86 13574812039

    Prof. Samantha Jenkins,
    College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,
    Hunan Normal University, 36 Lushan Lu, Yuelu Qu,
    410081 Changsha, Hunan, P.R. China.
    Phone: +86 15111468042

  • Travel within China

    • By air

      Incoming flights arrive at Changsha HuangHua international airport (CSX). Options for travel into the city include:

      • Maglev train: There is a maglev train service linking the airport to the Changsha South (ChangShaNan) railway station, from which other options are available (metro, etc.)
      • Shuttle bus: A shuttle service (for details, see the Whats's New in Changsha website) runs regularly from the airport to the Civil Aviation Hotel, close to the central train station in the center of Changsha. From there, available options are buses (there is a bus station beside the central train station), metro (line 2) or taxi.
    • By rail

      Changsha is on the main Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed train (gaotie)line (the high-speed train station is Changsha South (ChangShaNan) ). Train tickets can be bought:

      • At a high-speed rail station in another city

        Tickets for the high-speed 'G' trains (gaotie) or slightly slower 'D' trains can be bought at ticket counters at stations (stations in some of the biggest Chinese cities may have an English-speaking ticket counter).

        • From Beijing, high-speed trains to Changsha operate from the Beijing West station
        • From Shanghai, high-speed trains operate from Shanghai Hongqiao Station (near Shanghai Hongqiao [SHA] airport, in the east of the city). A lot of international flights to Shanghai land in Shanghai Pudong airport [PVG] (west of the city) which is all the way on the other side of the city. There is a metro line that joins the two airports but anticipate at least two hours to get from one side of Shanghai to the other by this route.
        • From Guangzhou, high-speed trains operate from Guangzhou South Station.
      • Online (web sites or phone apps) A number of websites sell high-speed train tickets online. For example, to book high-speed trains on the online travel agent CTrip, where trains can be securely booked and paid for using, for example, Western credit cards, first select 'Trains', then enter the desired starting point and destination and date, then select the 'High-speed trains' filter to check availability. Once successfully ordered and confirmed, there are several ways to pick up the tickets :
        1. Ask for the tickets to be mailed to you (ask, e.g. CTrip about this),
        2. Ask for the tickets to be mailed to a hotel in, e.g. Beijing or Shanghai, where you may be stopping over before travelling on to Changsha (after checking that the hotel can keep the tickets and give them to you on your arrival there),
        3. Ask CTrip for E-tickets, then take the E-ticket codes to the ticket collection office in the relevant high-speed train station. This can be done by presenting the ticket reference number, together with a passport for ID purposes, at specially-labelled ticket counters (these counters have the characters '护照', passport, written on them).

      NOTE: Conventional (much slower) trains stop at Changsha Central Station, not Changsha South Station.

    When you arrive by rail in Changsha, there are several options to travel to the central part of the city and the conference venue. One of these is the metro system. Changsha South Railway station is on the city metro line 2 (see map).

    Changsha metro map
    Jinxing Road Metro station exit 3


The part of QSCP2017 held in Changsha will be located in the WorldHotel Grand Jiaxing Hunan Hotel, Jiaxing International Hui Building (247 Jinxing Middle Road, Yuelu District, Changsha : 金星中路247号)

You can also download static PDF maps of the area around the hotel (English, Chinese) and an overview of the location of the hotel within Changsha.

  • By metro: The venue, the Changsha South high-speed railway (GaoTie) station, the central city railway station and the main metro interchange can all be reached using Changsha metro line 2. The closest metro stop to the venue is Jinxing Road.Leave the metro station using exit 3 (see map above) and walk/take a taxi 1 km north to the venue.
  • By taxi (show the taxi driver the address: 247 Jinxing Middle Road, Yuelu District, Changsha : 金星中路247号). Taxi fares are approximately 1.8 RMB/km.

You can click on any of the photos below to see a larger version

Directions from metro station
Hotel entrance
Hotel entrance

Other Sources of Information


  • Helpers: Conference helpers may be found at the conference itself, the airport and the high-speed railway station. They may be easily identified by this T-shirt.

    QSCP2017 Helper T-shirt
  • If you are not a Chinese speaker, you may find it useful to download and install a translator app on a portable device (Android/iOS, etc.), e.g. Microsoft Translator, before entering China. Most translator apps allow you to download and install 'offline translation dictionaries' - these are highly recommended and very useful, because they will work even without a phone data connection or Internet connection. Some of these apps have text recognition features, allowing you to point your device camera at some text and get an instant translation. Others also have voice recognition features. It is generally also a good idea to install a Chinese keyboard (input method IME) on your device alongside your existing language keyboard: this could make it easier for Chinese speakers to type any replies to queries or information into the translator app.

  • In any files used for presentations, please make sure the files are saved with embedded fonts. This helps to reduce problems associated with required mathematical/non-English characters not being present on the computer used for the presentation.


  • Changsha Accomodation

    We have booked a block of rooms in the venue hotel (Jinxing International Hui Hotel, website). Delegates can pay on arrival unless otherwise arranged. The hotel accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

    All the lectures and the banquet will also take place at this hotel.

    We have reserved two room types:

    • ROOM OPTION A: 638RMB/day includes breakfast and buffet lunch.
    • ROOM OPTION B: 456RMB/day includes breakfast and buffet lunch.

    Dinner buffet is 168RMB per meal.

    Please send ALL of the following information by email to Tianlü

    1. Your full name *exactly* as it appears on your passport
    2. Your Passport number
    3. Your flight number or train number when you have booked
    4. Your arrival date
    5. Your departure date
    6. Your choice of room; OPTION A or OPTION B.

You can click on any of the photos below to see a larger version

Hotel exterior
Hotel location
Hotel buffet area
Single bed room
Double bed room


Below is a clickable Google map of the important locations for QSCP2017 in Changsha.

QSCP2017 Changsha Map


During the conference, we will arrange a trip to the World Heritage site at Zhangjiajie. Participation in this trip is entirely voluntary.

There are two different versions of the trip: please see the information in the PDF files for prices and event details.

Click on any of the pictures below to see a larger version.

Zhangjiajie Area Map

Zhangjiajie Traditional Culture Show

Traditional culture show image 1
Traditional culture show image 1
Traditional culture show image 3

Zhangjiajie Accomodation - Zhangjiajie Pullman Hotel

ZJJ Pullman hotel image 1
ZJJ Pullman hotel image 2
ZJJ Pullman hotel image 3

ZJJ Pullman hotel image 4
ZJJ Pullman hotel image 5
ZJJ Pullman hotel image 5

Available trip choices - click on PDF files for full details

If you want to make a booking for one of these trips, please contact Xu Tianlü AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.